the Jubilee Crown Drop

British Artist Gary James McQueen
Launches a Virtual Crown with digital fashion houses
The Immersive Kind & Jevels
For Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Leading British digital artist Gary James McQueen, nephew of fashion royalty the late Alexander McQueen, with whom he worked closely with for several years, is joining forces with digital fashion studios The Immersive KIND and Jevels to release a virtual Jubilee Crown. This bespoke creation celebrates Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and is wearable via an Augmented Reality (AR) filter, accessible through a QR code. Gary’s ornate crown design unites those wishing to mark the festivities across the globe. The artist has chosen the virtual format to give everyone an opportunity to wear this , inclusive and engaging way.

The elaborate design makes the wearer feel like royalty “I wanted to convey a feeling of the quint-essential English garden and took inspiration from the Victorian ‘Posy’ flower arrangement where a crown of flowers circulates a single crowning Rose. For me this is the perfect tribute to the nature of our Queen Elizabeth II who leads with nurturing kindness and love” said Gary James McQueen. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, the Jubilee Crown was launched at Bicester on the 11th May, where a variety of influencers virtually tried-on the crown at an exclusive launch event. This week it will be released to a wider audience free and can be accessed through and AR filter link.


Throughout Gary James McQueen storied career he has been at the forefront of British digital art and design. He worked alongside his uncle (Alexander McQueen) as Head Textile designer for Alexander McQueen.

 Gary James McQueen is a digital art native and has produced digital and physical artworks for over two decades. His most well recognised and iconic artworks are 'Savage Beauty' which was displayed at the The V&A Museum and The Met Museum in celebration of Alexander McQueen and their intimate relationship.

Vanitas Skull is an iconic digital artwork which was utilised for the McQueen movie and was the official movie poster image. This has been translated into a lenticular artwork which is highly sought after by collectors around the globe. He has achieved great success with his lenticular artworks, which are sold worldwide and most recently displayed at a show at the West Chelsea Contemporary Gallery in New York. 

In April 2021, Gary James McQueen was one of the first artists to enter the metaverse as he launched the first digital fashion show of its kind, supported by Epic Games and Sky Arts. He is currently working on new exciting projects to link his fine art to  metaverse environments which he is creating in collaboration with the leaders in this space. 

For press enquiries contact: 07946 527238

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About the Immersive KIND 

The Immersive Kind is a decentralized Web 3.0 digital fashion and immersive art studio. Creating interoperable collections wearable in VR, AR, and across cyberspaces and digital worlds. 

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JEVELS, which stands for virtual jewels, is the first NFT platform dedicated to bringing virtual jewelry and fashion accessories into the virtual space. All NFTs are created by designers and brands from all over the world and are wearable through AR and/or VR. 

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