JEVELS stands for virtual, precious and sustainable wearable fashion you can wear digitally.

With JEVELS we want to bring more people to the community of digital fashion. We want to put another stone to the path of building a more sustainable fashion industry. Join us on this journey!

Virtual fashion does not need any sweatshops, any physical raw materials, any landfills… Still, it can bring equal beauty, self-expression and joy! Especially, it can bring all these things in new worlds we are entering: virtual worlds, be it the metaverse or in interactions in professional and private lives. Here too, we want to express ourselves through fashion and all aspects of it! Further, virtual fashion does not have to follow laws of physics! It is an opportunity for borderless creativity and self-expression. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the physics. Virtual items are always polished, colourful, indestructible and - just as you want them to be!

We believe that fashion, no matter if clothes, bags or jewelry, should be precious. We live in a world where landfills are full of clothes and accessories piling up every day. We want to work towards a fashion industry where each item is precious and brings great joy to the owner. Where it is worth reselling or fixing the item, rather than just tossing to trash (if material or virtual). All our items shall be precious, from day one until forever!

The environmental impact of the fashion industry is increasingly alarming! Overproduction of clothing, depletion of non-renewable sources, emission of greenhouse gases and the use of massive amounts of water and energy are only a part of the fast fashion problem. Jewelry production presents similar concerns when it comes to environmental and social welfare. Sustainable fashion is on the rise - and we believe that sustainable jewelry should be a part of this positive development. Virtual jewelry does not require any raw materials other than data. We truly believe that virtual jewelry offers many opportunities and is part of the sustainable fashion future!
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